24th Feb 2014

After the winter we’ve had so far, we seriously could not have asked for a better day in Hyannis for the race - sunny and mid-40’s.  The conditions were perfect for a PR, and PR we did.  

To get the mileage in, I kicked the weekend off with a 6 mile easy run on the Newton Hills on Saturday.  It was just enough to get the legs moving and warmed up for the race.  Karen and I made out way down to Chatham later Saturday afternoon to spend time and enjoy a pasta dinner at casa de Murphy.

A 10 AM start meant a much welcomed chance to sleep in a bit.  Arrived in Hyannis and had a few minutes to catch up with the gang, as well as meet a few other DFMC team members who were running the race. 

It was a bit of a mob to start off, so the first few miles were at a moderate, steady pace.  After 4 miles or so, I kicked it into gear and didn’t turn back.  It was tough to keep the increased pace up, but a lot of little things kept me going - running by Craigville beach, seeing friends cheering on the sidelines, and seeing the occasional DFMC shirt.  At one point, I spotted someone wearing a Pete Frates shirt, and that gave me a huge boost of inspiration to keep going (if you don’t know Pete’s story, you can learn more about it here).

Once I crossed the finish line, I was surprised how good everything felt, and I even felt like I left a bit more out there (albeit, not much - I was perfectly ok with the race being over).  With an official time of 1:55:07, I beat my previous PR by almost a minute, and got a confidence boost going into the back half of training season.